Kedel tungsten carbide nozzles

Kedel tungsten carbide nozzles have a variety of specifications, processed and made with high quality raw material. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, high precision and so on.

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Production Introduction

Material: Tungsten carbide
Grade: YG8, YG9C,YG11C,YG13C
Application: PDC drill bit water jet,tri-cone bit water spray,
OEM brand: Bakerhughes, Smith, NOV,Halliburton,Burinteh ect
Our Advantage: Complete mold, with the model of global conventional PDC bit nozzle

Nozzles for PDC bits are mainly used for cooling water and washing mud, according to the drilling of geographical environment, we will choose different water flow and hole size in the shape of the tungsten nozzles.

As one of the important components for the diamond drill bit, tungsten carbide drill bit nozzle has the effect to clean the bit and bottom hole; carbide nozzles also have hydraulic rock fragmentation effect. Conventional nozzle is cylindrical; it can produce a balanced pressure distribution in the rock surface.


1. High stability, long lifespan circle.

2. Customized as your requirements.

3. Approved factory for oil and natural gas industry TOP10 customers.

4. With ISO9001:2015

5. With a Special Thread Processing Workshop

Carbide Nozzle Classification

1. Classification by nozzle appearance shape:
1) Cross groove nozzle;
2) Inner hexagonal nozzle;
3) External hexagonal nozzle;
4) Plum shaped nozzle;
5) Y-shaped nozzle;

2. Classification according to thread size:
1) Inch thread nozzle, such as 1-12UNF;
2) Metric threaded nozzle, such as M22 * 2-6g;

3. Classification according to nozzle process:
1) Solid carbide nozzle;
2) Carbide and steel welding nozzle;

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Each unit will be packed into a plastic cylinder with foam, then put on carton box.


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