Cemented Tungsten Carbide Indexable Cutters Flatten 4 Flute Hrc45/Hrc55/Hrc65 Square Solid End Mill

Carbide milling cutters are mainly used in CNC machining centers, CNC engraving machines and high-speed machines. They can also be installed on ordinary milling machines to process some hard and uncomplicated heat treatment materials. The 55 degree 4 flutes tungsten steel flat end milling cutter produced by Kedel has the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance and provides you with sharp, wear-resistant and long-life cutting tools.

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Advantage Characteristics

1. High quality alloy raw materials
Our company adopts imported raw materials with ultra-fine grain size to provide guarantee for the performance of products with high wear resistance and high strength.
2. Unique technology
Processing with imported equipment.Grinding machine like Walter, Anca and Rollomati. The cutter edge fine grinding process has good chip removal effect, high-speed machining and high finish.
3. Excellent chip removal groove design
Sharp angle and front angle knife edge fine grinding, 4 flutes geometric design, with large capacity chip removal, making the cutting more smooth, non stick knife, realizing high-efficiency machining, high workpiece precision and good gloss.
4. Specifications and models are complete, and conventional models are in stock.
5. PVD Nano-structure coating
PVD coating provides for superior control of coating grain size from 10nm to 500nm, achieves excellent hardness, good oxidation,resistance and improved reduction of the resistance and improved reduction of the coefficient of friction.

Coating Introduction

Coating Introduction
ENDMILL GRADE Coating Name Color Hv μm Friction The Max ℃
HRC45 coating AlTiN black 3300 1--4 0.7 850℃
HRC55 coating TiSiAlN bronzed 3400 1--4 0.7 900℃
HRC60 coating AlCrSiN black 4000 1--7 0.35 1100℃
HRC65 coating nACo 3 Blue blue 4500 1--7 0.45 1200℃
Stainless Steel coating nACo 3 Gold golden 4500 1--7 0.55 1200℃

Alloy Material Introduction

Carbide Material Introduction                        
ENDMILL GRADE Material Grade Grain Introduction Application
HRC45 carbide material YL10.2 0.6μm YL10.2 is tungsten carbide powder with 89.7% WC and 10% cobalt powder, and has high toughness and wear resistance. Suitable for General Steel
HRC55 carbide material K30 0.5μm K30 is ultra fine grain and containes Ni and Cr element, which provides high strength and good toughness. General Steel, Stainless Steel, cast iron
HRC60 carbide material WF25 0.4μm WF25 is 0.4micron ultrafine carbide powder and provides very high toughness and wear resistance. High Hard Material, steel, cast iron, etc
HRC65 carbide material GU25UF 0.4μm GU25UF is 0.4micron powder with 12% cobalt and has very high toughness and wear resistance.It is the most suitable for hard cutting Titanium Alloy, High-temperature Alloy, Harden material, etc
Stainless Steel material WF25 0.4μm WF25 is 0.4micron ultrafine carbide powder and provides very high toughness and wear resistance. stainless steel

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