Carbide End mill for Aluminum 2F 3F 4F HRC45 HRC55 HRC65

CNC milling of aluminum can be difficult, because the material can stick to the flutes and the chips can pack.  Today’s high performance end mill bits for aluminum have large flutes to yield the maximum metal removal rates possible.  They also feature eccentric grinding on the outside diameters of the bits to give them strength and stability.  Aluminum milling bits are available in square end, ball end, corner radius, and roughing end mill geometries.  They also come in 2 and 3 flute designs made from solid carbide or HSS.  ZrN high performance PVD coating is alo available.

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Carbide End Mills for Aluminum and Non-Ferrous are specially designed for high-speed machining of aluminum and also work well with other non-ferrous metals like brass and bronze, as well as plastics.

With more spacing between the flutes for greater chip evacuation, these tools increase machining capacity with softer and stringy materials. The 45 degree helix angle not only aides in the removeal of chips, but it also creates a shearing action, which improves the surface finish of your part.

These aluminum-cutting end mills are available with a ZrN coating, which does not have an affinity for aluminum and prevents adhesion to the tool. End mills for aluminum available in 2 or 3 flute, square or corner radiused, uncoated or with ZrN coating.

Premium Sub-Micrograin Carbide End Mill
Made in China
3 Flute
Center Cutting Carbide Endmill
Single End
45 Degree

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1. Standard Carbide End Mill for Aluminum- usually we have 2 flute 3 flute and 4 flute, if you need be coated,w e suggest DLC coating;
2. Feature - We can make 2F 3F 4F 6F carbide end mill, most of them are in stock;
3. HIGH-QUALITY - Imported equipment, 15 years of research and development experience; Great performance at a competitive price.

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